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Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank needs to be cleaned or "pumped" periodically to remove the solids that accumulate in the tank. How often this needs to be done depends primarily on the tank size and the number of people using the system.

Every septic tank cleaning includes the following services:

  • All effluent & solids are pumped from tank; the tank interior is cleaned, and the baffles cleared.
  • Condition of tank, including lid, inlet & outlet baffles, and overall structural integrity, is noted on invoice.
  • Tank capacity, lid location, and groundcover over tank is noted for future maintenance.


The septic tank must be cleaned through the lid. Most tanks have one or two lids that are often buried beneath the ground. We do charge labor for our time and effort to locate and expose the lid of the septic tank, if it is not dug up prior to our arrival. Our drivers locate the lid of the septic tank with a steel probe, then hand-dig to minimize damage to landscaping and tank material.

We MUST have a strong, reliable source of water to clean any septic tank.

Please contact us for prices and appointment availability.

Septic System Evaluations

Septic System Evaluations are typically performed to satisfy real estate transaction requirements. Evaluations are conducted to determine if the sewage disposal system is functioning satisfactorily at the time of the inspection and under present conditions in accordance with DEQ standards. As a condition of the evaluation, the septic tank must also be cleaned and inspected by Aloha Sanitary Service.

Septic System Repairs

Occasionally septic system components need to be repaired or replaced due to aging, accidents, corrosion or settling. Replacing broken or worn out components is crucial to keeping a septic system working properly.

Aloha Sanitary Service specializes in septic tank riser installation. We are licensed & bonded, and equipped with the tools and experience to perform minor repairs.